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Valentine's Day

This day has never been very good for me.

At best, I was single. At worst, I was with someone, and they opted to spend the day with the girlfriend I didn't know about (then).

And today, I steeled myself and made my way about the Valentine's Day wishes and cards, candy and general Hallmark holiday rubbish.

I had to get my oil changed and some general maintenance on my car, which would take several hours. My friends volunteered to come pick me up and have me stay in their home for those few hours while I played with their kids and general loafed around. I was reminded that my friends love me, and what a horrible world I would live in without them.

Then tonight I went to a show to see my friend's band play, and was reminded that not only can I still attract men, I can attract highly attractive men. Meg's still got it.

I conquered the day. And no, there were no sweet nothings and sentiments on paper. But, like the true meaning of Christmas, I was reminded how wonderful my life is because of the gifts I've been given. Love, in every sense of the word.


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Feb. 16th, 2009 12:30 am (UTC)
Yeah, again I have to learn to not get my hopes up on Valentine's Day. Again, I'm newly single, and just getting used to it so I'm not really actively looking for someone. If someone just happened to come along randomly, I would give it a chance, but I know that I really shouldn't go in to quickly and get myself into another situation that I'm not really happy with.

I admit, many of mine have not been much better, and like you've said, sometimes at best I've just been single, and at worst been extremely let down by people I was seeing.

I woke up that morning just feeling like shit, I can't explain exactly but I think it had something to do with Valentine's Day falling on a weekend, and the fact that it seemed everywhere I went, people just wouldn't shut up about it. This year wasn't too bad though. Being that I'm so far from home and don't know many people here, a few people gave me things online to at least let them know they are thinking of me in some way or another. I'm not one for having to buy gifts for people, but I never really learned to appreciate why single people sometimes do this for each other until now.

I know what you mean about feeling like you still got it, especially after a break up. I mean, I'm not exactly the 21 year old gothic cougar bait I seemed to be, and my life isn't exactly where I want it to be, but I still can get attention it seems.

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