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I feel really lame. I was planning all day to go out tonight, but then I pussed out this evening because I'm still sick. And the thought of waking up tomorrow, still sick (as expected) AND sleep deprived...just makes my stomach turn. An ice cream cone of misery, and I don't want a double scoop of that.

Mystery Solved!!

Fear not, my voyeuristic friends. I have solved the riddle to the medication issue.

I OD'd on cough medicine. I took two tablespoons instead of two teaspoons. I only realized this last night when I was pouring my evening dose and noticed that the new bottle I'd bought the day before was half empty. This compelled me to read the label again for dosage, and voila! Mystery solved.

This would be the second time this has happened to me with cough medicine, although the first time my mother was the culprit. Prior to getting glasses, she gave me a late-night dosage of a children's cough medicine with an antihistamine, and gave me too much. I slept for two days, and she got her first pair of glasses.
Remember this for any future illnesses, job interviews, or trivia games.

I have come to find that the human body (or, at least, my allegedly human body) apparently has a limit to the number of medications that it can take in one sitting. Here's what I took last night before bed:

Delsym (cough suppressant)
Benadryl (antihistamine, make me sleep)
Tylenol (painkiller)
Advil (different painkiller, but can be taken with Tylenol)
Sudafed (decongestant)
Mucinex (expectorant)

About an hour later I woke up and puked. While none of these should have cross reacted with each other (I have taken smaller variations of these meds in smaller combinations), I'm thinking my body just got overwhelmed and chose to abort.

The more you know, people.

Time for a serious update.

I'm sick. My nephew had a bad cold over Christmas, and he passed on the "Nickness" to the rest of the family. Unfortunately, now it seems when I get colds, they immediately go to my sinuses and the situation ends with a visit to the doctor. I'm doing everything I can to get better, taking elephant gun-worthy doses of vitamin c and zinc, as well as tylenol, antihistamine, mucinex, delsym, advil, sudafed (the real stuff). I'm drinking lots of fluids, constantly. But I know where this is going. None of the OTC stuff is really affective, and I can't go to the doctor because they'll say "it's a bad cold, come back in 2 weeks if your symptoms don't go away" (which they won't). It's insanely frustrating, because I'm looking at least 2 weeks of misery, and then the condescending glares of doctors who think I'm just overstating my symptoms, I simply have a virus, and an antibiotic won't do anything. Then I'll develop more illnesses, like the flu and bronchitis, on top of what I have. So yippee.

The one upside is taking all the medication completely tweaks me out, to the point where my left pupil busts out and gets completely dilated, whereas the right pupil stays normal. I feel no pain, usually. Well, this time I do.

Plus, considering the little outbreak monkey that gave me the sickness, I'm not too upset. Hey, the last time I was this sick, I lost 10 pounds because I didn't eat. So it can't be that bad, right? At least I got it after the holidays.

I'm slightly peeved that I continue to get sinus infections (this will be the third, if it is that, that I've had in a year), and I actually had surgery when I was 15 to correct a deviated septum to avoid sinus infections. Medical mystery, I guess.

My Christmas was good; I spent it in Baltimore with Jenn and her family, my parents, and Rachel. It was interesting to be added into the big family environment of my brother-in-law's. But I'll get there...

Christmas Eve my nephew was christened, and Rachel and I served as dual godmothers, and my brother-in-law's brother the godfather. Nicholas only cried when he was flipped down and water splashed on his head, but as soon as he was set up again he stopped. The pastor introduced him as the "Saint Nicholas." I should have gotten my godson a bib that said, "I survived original sin!" but I didn't think of it until it was too late. Instead we were guided to give him gifts that were meaningful and symbolic of us. Rachel got him a picture book of deer in the woods. Danny gave him baseball cards and fossils. I gave him a toy piano, a teething toy with music notes, and a mix CD of my music (if he's ever curious). There was a big party at my sister's family's condo - I've never been to a party on Christmas Eve. Even though it was a lot of people I knew, I still get really nervous around large groups of people. Probably because my family is very small, and it's hard to get used to the big family dynamic. But they're all very nice, and a very loving family, so it's not too difficult a transition.

Christmas Day we opened gifts (among awesome gifts, I got a Wii, a GPS system, a Dia De Los Muertos painting from New Mexico, and a cute cute baking apron with a cherry pattern and red trim, with a scalloped skirt), and little Nicholas learned how to tear gifts open. Then there was another party, with a gift exchange. I got a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, but as much as I wanted to take it home it wouldn't fit in my suitcase and Baltimore disallows the shipping of alcohol.

The week went by very fast, and it was sad to part with my sisters. The only thing that makes it feel better is the hope that we'll see each other very soon. Well, Rachel is coming up next weekend for her birthday, so there's that.

On the plane ride home, I started feeling really ill. Feeling like you're going to puke 50,000 feet in the air is sheer torture, and it was a miracle I didn't puke on the poor kid sitting next to me. Thus began the illness I have now. I suggested to my parents that we can avoid the sickness drama if we can take private jets on our trips, but they didn't take that seriously. I'm hurt.

At least I staved off the illness until after New Years. The holiday was sort of anticlimactic; I went out to meet my friends, kissed a guy who then puked and left, and called it at night at 5:30am. My coworkers and I had talked about staying out long enough to meet for breakfast, but everyone was home or in bed by the time that rolled around. Bummer. But I wouldn't have wanted to spend my new year's eve with anyone else.

As far as my social life goes, as I've mentioned before, there has been really strange drama going on, that I don't feel comfortable typing in my journal. But let's just say I'll happily tell anyone all the details in another forum just in case I disappear, they know what to tell the cops.

That's it. I'd just like to end this soliloquy with the statement that I think Ted Nugent is awesome. You may not agree with his right-wing political views, but he's what I like to call a RESPONSIBLE conservative. He's a hunting advocate, but he only eats what he's killed himself. He's a war-advocate, but he hosts wounded soldiers on a regular basis at his own home and donates his time in advocacy. You can't hate him.

Oh yes, they are mine.

Thanks to John, now I can look awesome when I'm losing my hearing. Sound is amazing too!

Disappearing planes.

Well, the bad news is our flight got canceled. The good news is that we got bumped to a later flight, same day.

I don't understand. It's not like it'll be snowing. They said they didn't have a plane. How can you schedule a flight and not have a plane?

It's almost like airlines are a secret society in which their inner workings are hidden from the public.

Snow, what?

I have never seen so much snow in so little time fall. I went to bed, I woke up to 13 inches of snow. What? Work was obviously closed, so I ventured out to get some lunch up the block. I arrived at Subway panting and sweating, barely gasping out my order, from wading through waist-high drifts. A sandwich should not be worth that.

Just because I was curious, I waded in back of my building to view my car. Where was my car? I couldn't see it in the white tombstones the storm left where the cars used to be. Tempted to leave my car where I parked it until spring, I waded back inside to eat my sandwich.

Fortunately for me, I had won a wager I had with my coworker, Ben. Ben fancies himself a meteorologist and believed that we were not to get as much snow as all of the professional meteorologists were predicting, because he had taken Meteorology 101 and the radar wasn't showing the appropriate cloud cover. What's more, they wouldn't renege on their predictions because they were...ashamed. Ben said if he was wrong, he would brave the snow and brush off my car. Ben is good on his word, and I only had to dig out half my car until he showed up. Being a gracious winner, I even bought him a mocha from Starbucks. We exchanged Christmas presents, and I got cool spy pens that write in invisible ink and double as walkie talkies. These will be perfect for us to use at work.

I am not kidding when I say it's snowed or had some sort of precipitation every other day for the last two weeks. Tomorrow, we're due to get 8 more inches of snow, into Sunday morning. We're supposed to fly out to Baltimore on Sunday morning, but that prospect is looking grim. We'll get out there...just don't know when.

Alone on the island of Macintosh


So in transferring my files to my new computer, I have somehow lost about HALF of my music library. We're talking years of collecting. We're talking at least 1000 song, some of which aren't even able in the US, let alone on a CD. Luckily they're still on my iPod. Unluckily, I can't seem to transfer them. I've got Senuti (iTunes backwards - clever!), but everytime I try to enable disc use, go into safe mode, or even cancel the sync that would inevitably erase all of the songs from existence, my iPod loses its connection. I'm not willing to lose these songs, so right now I'll be unable to load ANYTHING onto my iPod. I'm at my wit's end and ready to cry. I wish I knew someone that was really technically savvy with Macs.

I loaded up two new songs for Reticent Crush on the RC myspace, here. So far, no one has commented on them at all. I feel like I've taken so long to release new material that I've become irrelevant (which is not to imply that I was so relevant to begin with it).

My 80s DJ night is no more. Not for anything I did or didn't do. I'm not mad about it; there is no ill will.

I guess I'm just really sad today. All around melancholy feelings.

Because it's been awhile

Here's a picture of Nicholas with Santa...

He's almost 5 months old now!

New Mexico Pics

Here you go, in all their glory. Enjoy!!

Me busting my shit sledding. She's OK folks!!

Onwards!Collapse )